Want to spend hundreds of pounds on generic, vaguely-related social media advice or affordable, healthcare-specific, tried & tested?

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

- Hate social media in general? - You want to give social media a go but think it might be risky to your healthcare business - Don’t know to say or post on social media? - Don't know what you'd do if something went wrong (setting fire to your laptop or deleting your accounts is not the right answer!) - You've not really seen any return on investment to your business by using social media so far - Struggling to find the time to nurture leads and network with potential patients and clients?


The majority of healthcare businesses and practices that come to us for social media training are slightly terrified of social media in all forms. We can show you how to not only LOVE it but see REAL results from it too:

Engage with your patients / clients

Social media is no longer a nice-to-have in healthcare. 99% of your patients and clients are on social media in one way or another. Even those you don't expect. It's easier to 'go to them' then get them to 'come to you'.

Make social media manageable

You've got lives to save and smiles to fix. You can't be posting Twitter updates at 10am during a clinic. Well actually, you can! We'll show you how to post, when to post and how to manage your time without it eating into your patient care or home-life.

Stay safe

Being 'on' social media is one thing but keeping yourself, your staff and your patients safe online is your main priority. Our experience in NHS & large healthcare organisations means we're best placed to advise you how to behave responsibly online and more importantly, enjoy your time online.

Be more human

When did you last read a press release on social media? When did a friend last ask you to 'enquire' on Facebook? Many of us forget to 'be human' and 'sociable' online when doing social media for work. We can show you HOW. Armed with this, you can engage, learn and win their hearts and minds by just being wonderfully you.

Provide care around the clock

We are all connected 24/7. Healthcare doesn't stop at 5pm. Social media allows you to get among the people who need your services, when they're looking for them.

Communicate better

When you understand HOW your audience uses social media to communicate and WHY, you can find WHAT to say more consistently.

“Great session from Kara yesterday where she helped senior charity figures to get on board with Twitter. Would recommend for social media training.”
Age UK Wakefield and Yorkshire Medical Marketing
Helen Morris
Age UK Wakefield District


Interested in social media training for you or your team? Check out our FAQs to see how we can help:

From beginner to advanced without the jargon.

Some of the training topics we’ve delivered for clients include: Advanced ways to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to grow your business; Creating and curating content for social media; Creating social media videos; Networking on social media; Post ideas and writing for social media; Being more human on social media.

Our social media trainers have collectively well over 14 years’ experience working in social media for the NHS, private healthcare and not-for-profit sector. No jargon, no expensive software to purchase and built around your day, not ours. 

Show you the evidence.

We can’t guarantee you’ll love social media by the end of our training. And that’s okay. We just need you to show you why it matters to the majority of your patients and clients and how you’re missing out by not prioritising it. What’s more, we’ll show you ways to keep it from taking over your life and ruining your reputation. And if you still really can’t get along with it after that, outsource to us »

Anyone in your healthcare business or practice.

Our training is available on a 1-2-1 or small groups basis for the very best results. We’ve trained admin staff, PPG members in GP practices, Board members and trustees and even busy GPs and nurses. 

Marketing training is best delivered in person so we can see your laptop/phone/tablet and how you’re using it on social media. Remember to bring your device to the training as well!

We can deliver the training at your offices or help set up something off-site. And arrange refreshments; most important for busy healthcare heroes.

After the training, be rest assured were still here via email or on the telephone if you get stuck or want us to quickly check anything before giving your new found skills a go.

In early 2019, we are planning some open and online courses so stay tuned to our social media channels for details.

Depends what you need, how long it takes to cover the topic and who’s taking part.

Tell us what you or your team needs help with and we can send you a full quote. No obligation and no pressure.

Connect and build lasting relationships with your clients
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