Learn how to transform your marketing, design and writing skills in-house and with style

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

- Not sure where to start with marketing or does it all sound gobble-de-gook? - You've got someone that does some marketing already who needs extra ideas and support - Don’t feel creative or confident with writing and designing? - You think you’re doing everything right yourself but perhaps feel you’re missing some oomph and need a professional's advice - Struggling to find the time to nurture leads and network with potential patients and clients?


Many healthcare businesses and practices can take care of most of their marketing if they have the skills and know-how. We give you that:

Know your audience better

We can show you how to work out WHO your target audiences really are and WHERE to find them. Armed with this, you can win more clients / patients / customers.

Learn transferable skills

Designing a read-worthy newsletter or updating your website pages in just one afternoon; all these skills are highly transferable. Your staff will LOVE you for letting them flex their artistic muscles and you see the results!

Find your 'heartbeat'

Developing a tone of voice or style for your healthcare business is hard work but totally necessary if you want to stand out amongst the crowd. We can help you or your staff nail this to make marketing your brand much easier.

Reduce spend and waste

Most marketing training is either too generic or aimed at marketing professionals. In many healthcare practices, marketing is often carried out by one or a range of non-marketing people. We deliver clear, practical training for them.

Tell your story effectively

Humans love stories. Humans also like things that make their lives better - like you. Learning how to marry your unique brand story, with how you're best placed to help them, results in happier clients and new leads when you know how.

Communicate better

When you understand HOW people communicate and WHY people are motivated to act, you can influence healthier behaviours. When you know WHAT to say, you can engage people in the things that matter to you both.

“Kara has provided Hetty's with the training and practical tools that we need to be able to move forward and really maximise our audience. The skills we've learnt are so valuable to Hetty's, we can't thank Kara enough!”
Hettys Testimmonial for Yorkshire Medical Marketing
Claire Brookes


Interested in marketing training for you or your team? Check out our FAQs to see how we can help:

What marketing tasks are giving you the most headaches? We’ll start with that.

Some of the training topics we’ve delivered for clients include: Creating videos in-house; De-jargonising your organisation; Delighting your clients in healthcare; Marketing campaign planning; Team, trustees & board marketing development; Writing a Marketing Plan in a Day; Writing brain-friendly communications. 


Our marketing trainers have collectively well over 30 yearsexperience working in areas such as healthcare marketing, NHS communications, neuromarketing, copywriting, content design and social media, in all the sectors; public, private and not for profit. No jargon, no expensive software to purchase and built around your day, not ours. 

Anyone in your healthcare business or practice.

Our training is available on a 1-2-1 or small groups basis for the very best results. We’ve trained admin staff, PPG members in GP practices, junior marketing staff and even hospital consultants after they’ve finished in surgery.  

Marketing training is available in person or via Skype. We can deliver the training at your offices or help set up something off-site. And arrange refreshments; most important for busy healthcare heroes.

After the training, be rest assured were still here via email or on the telephone if you get stuck or want us to quickly check anything before giving your new found skills a go. In early 2019, we are planning some open and online courses so stay tuned to our social media channels for details.

Depends what you need, how long it takes to explain and who’s taking part.

Tell us what you or your team needs help with and we can send you a full quote. No obligation and no pressure.

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