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Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

- Hate the thought of writing blogs or updating your website content? - Wish you could say something in fewer words or more visually but don't have the skills or the software to do it? - Do the words on your website lack oomph or resemble a ferret's nest? Are your social media posts more stale than viral worthy? - Need someone with experience in writing plain English or need to translate text into a different language or format? - Wish you could create exciting short animations and videos for use on social media, your website or in your waiting room?


When you know who your audience is and what they're really looking for, writing and producing content comes easier. Here's how our content and writing support can help you:

Improve health literacy and accessibility

1 in 5 people have a visual disability. 1 in 12 men are colour-blind. The average UK reading age is 9-12 years. We take this and more into consideration when we write.

Be more visual

Humans process images 60 x faster than text. We can turn your words into infographics, animations, videos and more.

Save time and money

Concentrate on what you do best; saving or changing lives. Leave the writing and content to us.

Digestable content

Humans skim-read and digest information in small chunks - especially online. We delight in taking text-heavy content and making it digestable.

Improve leads and enquiries

When you understand why people are motivated to act or buy, you can craft your words more clearly.

Be more human

It's one thing to write. It's another to write well and like a human especially in healthcare. No stuffy, boring content here.

“In a world as huge as the internet, everything seems to be extremely confusing and difficult. Kara was an excellent help; she was very reassuring and explained step by step, every step of the way until my website was finished. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Kara!
Carolina Diaz
Carolina Diaz
Carolina Diaz Sports Rehabilitator


Interested in our help with your writing & content? Check out our FAQs to see how we can help:

Whatever you’ve got in mind

Blog posts, articles, newsletters, emails, e-books, case studies, reports, social media posts, easy-read guides, brochures, leaflets, website content, video scripts, voicemail scripts, sales letters – you get the idea.

Be as creative as you like

In the past, we’ve created flyers, infographics, animations to explain how to do something or promote a new service, illustrations, short social media videos and testimonials, mini-podcasts, presentations, landing pages, course content and microsites. We also work with our trusted printers, graphic designers and web developers who can bring your content to life.

Brilliant writing stands out.

It sets you apart from your competitors. If you know how humans read, you can write in a way that gets your message across with more impact. When you know how to find and use the vocabulary your audience uses, you can persuade and inform patients easier, on a more brain-friendly level.

Depends on the job.

Writing a 500-word blog post is much quicker and cheaper to produce than a 60-sec animation. We would usually charge by the hour for content and writing support (between £30 and £60 p/h) but if you have a number of items you want help with, we’ll usually lump it together and charge a day rate as it’s more cost effective. 

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