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Grab those reigns and hold tight! Practical, jargon-free marketing and social media training for you and your team

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Marketing training made for you

Generic marketing and social media training just won’t cut it when it comes to healthcare. You deal with people and emotion-filled matters, not products and multi-million pound sales targets. So when you want to get to grips with a marketing or social media challenge, your specific training needs require a specific tonic.

Bespoke training or mentoring

Perfect for complete techno-phobes

Delivered in-person or by video tutorials.

Benefits of healthcare marketing training

When you’re a small team where everyone mucks in, marketing and social media skills are essential for everyone. With a plan and the practical know-how, you can handle it. At Yorkshire Medical Marketing, our trainers are friendly, patient and above all, don’t talk in jargon. We get to know your challenges inside out first so we can build a training treatment that you’ll not only enjoy but one that you’ll quickly embed and make ‘business as usual’ in no time.

Bespoke support

Training built entirely for you not everyone else

Save Time

Lessons you’ll love and learn from in no time, making life easier

Save Money

Give the stuff you don’t need a miss

Tricks of the trade

Freelancer tools and secrets revealed!

Ways healthcare marketing training can help your business

Social Media Management

Planning, scheduling and monitoring social media can feel like a full-time job. It is but we can show you how to do it smarter and in less than two hours a week.

Digital Customer Service

Email requests, negative online reviews, Facebook comments, “trolls”; words that won’t put shivers down your spine any longer when you’ve taken our 'healthcare exclusive’ day course.

Social Media Marketing - Curation and Creation

Graphics, captions, funny posts, animations, news stories; how do teams like yours manage curating and creating all this content for their social media feeds? We’ll show you.

Website Workshops

Save time and money and learn how to update and refresh your website in-house. Forget the annoying monotone YouTube videos and learn from a lovely Yorkshire person instead!

Marketing Delivery

You’ve got your marketing plan but what about actually ‘doing’ it now? This workshop takes you through each practical step; what to do, when to do it and how to maintain and monitor it with ease.

Patient Engagement

Nobody wants to come to your Monday night engagement event! So learn how to use social media to get to know, engage and become part of your patient’s world without all the effort and awkwardness.


Teams of one or teams of few. Teams without a marketing person or teams with a junior marketing person who would welcome a helping hand and fresh ideas. We’ve worked with: general practice (individual practices, GP federations and primary care networks), NHS clinical commissioning groups and providers, private clinics (physiotherapists, podiatrists and hospital consultants), wellbeing providers (social prescribing, third-sector wellbeing organisations) providers to healthcare businesses (management consultants, accountants, training providers).

At your office, over a Zoom video call, through a video tutorial series you can watch in your own time or leave us to pull the party together. Tell us your challenges and we’ll recommend the best learning solution and timings.

Entirely on your schedule – that’s the beauty of bespoke training. If you need us to travel to you, we’ll build the cost of that into the quote so you’ve got the full upfront cost. No messing. No surprises.

We’ve run quick 1-hr fast-track Twitter sessions for GPs from £250 and half-day social media management days with two or more topics of interest from £750 + travel expenses. There’s no rate card when it comes to planning an individual training session so get in touch with your requirements and we’ll get back to you.

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