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More patients? New services? Tired marketing? Our award-winning healthcare marketing consultancy can diagnose & plan the best course of treatment.

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Marketing planning made easy

Nothing stays the same. Patients change. Services do too. New competitors appear. Things go out of date. If you’re still catching up with yesterday and caring for patients, you need a trusted pair of expert hands to take care of your marketing planning and just get on with it.

Perfect for small teams

Quick turnaround

Lighten your workload

Benefits of marketing planning

If you’re on the frontline of patient care, big marketing projects such as new websites or a fresh approach to social media becomes one of those ‘we’ll do it next month’ jobs.

At Yorkshire Medical Marketing, we won’t let you put your marketing projects off any longer because patients are counting on you. They need great service online, they want to know you’re there for them and they’re depending on you as the trusted, hardworking professionals you are.

Projects sorted

Strategic and practical support

Help more patients

Let them know, like and trust you

Grow your business

Take advantage of new opportunities


Stay one step ahead of your competition

Ways marketing planning can help your business

Social Media Marketing

If things are feeling stale on social media or you’re just not seeing results from it, it’s time for a rethink. Let’s look at it with a fresh pair of eyes and put a creative skip back in your step.

Online Advertising

If you’re considering Facebook Advertising but aren’t sure it will deliver or you don’t know where’s best to invest your hard-earned advertising budgets online, our specialists can help.

Marketing Writing & Design

Graphics, captions for social media posts, emails; you have to be a great writer and designer for these, right? Wrong - you just need to be human and eager to help. That’s you? Great, let’s show you how!

Marketing Troubleshooting

Patients or clients not taking the actions you would like them to? Our evidence-based, social marketing approach that looks at behaviours and environment, could be the answer to finding the right messages and best setup for success.


Medical professionals starting out have mentors they rely on for second opinions and direction. Do the same when it comes to planning your marketing activities, especially if you’re new to it.

Patient Research

How can we find out what patients think of X? Why do patients do Y? If you really want to do the best marketing and deliver the best healthcare service, you need to know your audience. Like ‘really, really’ know them! We do that.


Teams of one or teams of few. Teams without a marketing person or teams with a junior marketing person who would welcome a helping hand and fresh ideas. We’ve worked with: general practice (individual practices, GP federations and primary care networks), NHS clinical commissioning groups and providers, private clinics (physiotherapists, podiatrists and hospital consultants), wellbeing providers (social prescribing, third-sector wellbeing organisations) and providers to healthcare businesses (management consultants, accountants, training providers).

At your office or over a Zoom video call so we can share screens and documents easily. We might be based in Yorkshire but “we’re not afraid of the Watford Gap” as they say!
Entirely on your schedule – that’s the beauty of marketing planning. We’ve come in right at the start of an idea or project where the concept is just starting to be bounced around as well as mere weeks before implementation of a new service – just to give you an idea of where we can bring value.
There’s no rate card when it comes to planning how to fix, launch or change something. Let’s have a chat, talk us through your vision and we’ll discuss what we can bring to the table and go from there.

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