About Us

All you want to know about working with Yorkshire Medical Marketing

Who we are

About Yorkshire Medical Marketing

A small but experienced bunch of healthcare marketing specialists who come together, ‘Avengers-style’, to do marketing exclusively for healthcare providers and businesses.
Launched in 2016 by Kara Skehan.

Winners of ‘Communications Agency of the Year’ at the GP Awards 2018.

How we work

By keeping things simple and jargon-free, we build the right team of experts around each project.

Whether you’re large or small, the approach is the same:

1. Identify your goals

e.g. More patients, healthier behaviours, more bums on seats.

2. Understand your audience

e.g. Figure out and get to know the people who mean the most to you.

3. “Matcheroo the two”

Score your goals and help your audiences by matching and testing the best marketing strategies and tactics against them.

Our experience

Unlike many marketing consultancies and agencies out there, we’re not a jack-of-all-trades and will never claim to be. Our team’s collective expertise covers:

Writing & content
Social media marketing
NHS communications
Website design and management

Our main line of work is virtual marketing and marketing planning which isn’t always something you can look at or hold in your hand. Most healthcare marketing agencies are print and design specialists first and foremost but that’s only one part of marketing your organisation or brand. We often get asked to take care of the ruddy lot! We share as much as we can about the work we’re up to via our social media but we can provide plenty of examples and references privately upon request too.

No – we work with clients in Yorkshire and beyond. Contrary to popular belief about Yorkshire folk, we’re not afraid to work further south than the Watford gap either! With tools such as Zoom video calling and Microsoft Teams, there are few barriers that distance can throw up that tech can’t tear down.

Previously funnelled thousands into marketing or advertising for little to no noticeable result? It happens, and it happens often, especially when a business has been wowed by flashy sales brochures from bigger agencies or the chance of a cheap advert that claims to hit over 10k local residents. Our advice? Review your investment some three to six months in – then (and only then) should there be a clear idea as to whether your marketing strategy (and the pence and pounds behind it) are working out. Need help planning?

Absolutely not – our clients expect and receive positive ROI. From cost savings and new patient income to targets-met (and if you’re lucky, bonuses received) and NHS penalties saved. This is theirs, not ours. Our fees are clear, fixed, predictable – a simple, single monthly amount all set out in a simple service level agreement which is signed by both parties before any work commences.

Yes – we currently have some availability for new clients but as you can imagine, this can change quite quickly depending on the types and length of projects we take on. The best and easiest way to see if we can help your business right now or in the near future is to get in touch. If we cannot help, we’ll always do our best to advise you on next best steps.

We work with medical and healthcare providers UK-wide – private and NHS – individuals and organisations –from primary care networks and groups of GPs, to surgeons, therapists and NHS trusts. We’re also especially fond of working with vets, supporters of healthcare providers and
anyone dedicated to the wellbeing of tight-knit communities such as social prescribing providers.

Over the years we’ve built up quite the black book of pro services despite being a small agile marketing consultancy – but we’re honest enough to say we’re not a jack-of-all-trades either. The only time we use trusted, third-party services is when a project requires skills that we don’t possess
– a distribution company for direct mail, a web developer for building a new website – but we manage the entire process for you and we always (always) make this clear to our clients beforehand.

Our fees cover the time and resources required to manage your project. Software, monthly subscriptions, laptops; we have everything we need to do the job and will quote upfront for additional resources where needed i.e. brand new website build, printed materials. We don’t charge for flashy expensive premises or a large payroll because we are a small marketing consultancy and proud of it. We work remotely or from our client’s location as each job requires.