With Halloween just around the corner, you’ll no doubt have your own horrifying healthcare stories to share.

From the chilling episode in September 2016 when the surgery phones went down for three days, to that hair-raising incident where the poor pharmacist got locked in the photocopier room with the plumber for six hours until someone realised they were both missing (both true stories we’ve heard from our clients!), Halloween reminds us that we’re all human and we can’t control everything.

So sit back and grasp on to your Butter Beer as we enjoy some of our favourite predictive text terrors, frightening design fails and terrible typos collated from the darkest, deepest depths of the internet:

1. Always get a friend to proof read the signage


2. Always take a breath and a pause before you tweet


3. Check for signs of existing signage being vandalised


4. Choose fonts and icons carefully for posters in your office


5. Try tweeting without predictive text switched on


6. If you know you’re going to be in the local newspaper, always check the printed version


7. Copywriters are worth their weight in gold for writing compelling headlines


8. Involve your clients and patients in signage decisions before they’re made


9. When using the same copy across your comms channels, always check the final line!


10. And finally, one for our hard-working public sector clients and the number one typo that sends shivers through our spines as we send stuff to print…



Tell us about your horrifying marketing fails – a shared fail, is a solved fail.

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